Society for the Promotion of the Egyptian Museum Berlin

Frequently Asked Questions (text sometimes only in German)

Some of the text are, at present, only available in German. We apologize for the inconvenience.


Why is Nefertiti so famous?
Who actually was Nefertiti?


How large is the permanent exhibition?
What is the major emphasis of the collection?
Which themes are presented in the exhibition?


how much time do I need for a visit??
Is the museum accecible for the handicapped?
There are 7 original objects in the exhibition which can be touched by blind or visually impaired


What is the 'Masterplan' of the Museums island ?
When will the 'Neues Museum' be opend?
Am 16. Oktober 2009


I have an interesting object: kann I have a evalution made?
Can I order exhibition catalogues online?
Ja. Sie finden den Online-Shop der Staatlichen Museen unter
Where can I buy posters and postcards?

Training and jobs

Do you have jobs available?
Stellenangebote finden Sie unter


Is the website barrier free?
In 'view the film about the collection' I only see a text - where is the film?


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